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Notice on the comment of the unified naming scheme for campus road, architecture, landscape and so on.

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Basic principles of name change
1 to follow the national and local laws and regulations on naming, renamed.
2 has a name and is widely recognized to continue to retain, do not need to modify the name of the monk to be named.
3 follow the general rules of integration, serialization, standardization.
4, avoid duplication of homonym, homophone, ambiguity and the limitation of the times the name.
5 reflect the history and geography of Wuhan University, carry forward the cultural tradition, highlight the cultural heritage.
6 English and Chinese simultaneous propulsion.
Two, named scope
1 campus Park (teaching, scientific research and life and other public areas)
2 Road (teaching, scientific research and life and other public areas)
3 typical buildings
4 gate
5 sports venues
6 cultural and natural landscape
Three, named after the basis and methods
(a) basis and method of proper names
1 plant nomenclature
2 named after the mountains and rivers
3 named after the function
4 named after orientation
5 with the motto, such as naming
(two) the basis and method of generic names
1 point place names are divided into 6 categories: hall, villa (hotel), buildings, homes, buildings, school.
2 linear sub categories: common words of place names is not known as the road.
3 plane common words of place names are divided into 5 categories: garden, garden (Village), field, lake, mountain (Hill).
Four, named after the specific recommendations
(a) the name of the park
In accordance with the principles of relatively concentrated resources, fixed position of the landmark, convenient communication between teachers and students, the typical park of the whole school is named.
Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Cherry Park, garden, Mei Yuan, Maple Park, lakeside, Yang Yuan
Engineering Department: Oak Park (oak trees is one of the typical engineering department, "oak" sound with the "force")
Department of information: Star Park
Department of Medicine: Apricot
(two) the name of the road
All the way, named "road"; in addition to the main road, general road according to the park's name plus the range name; directly through the road, there can be two names; motto into roads were named after.