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How far is it from our university to the world-class university?

Published:2016-01-14 10:55:50   Source:   Views:10154

In APEC in Chinese University overall strength ranked second. In the 200 top 20 universities in the mainland should is the focal point of the construction of the world first-class university; Wu3 Da4, Huake exhaust to universities in the mainland of the 8th and 9th position.
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) with a total of 21 members, is the Asian -- Pacific area level highest, the influence of regional economic organization, by the widespread concern in the global people from all walks of life. With the rapid development of the economy in the region, the development of these member countries (regions) is higher, and has a number of world-class universities, it is worth learning and reference. At the same time, the Chinese government has just promulgated the "overall plan to promote the world's first class universities and the construction of the first class discipline", sounded the Chinese University to the world first-class university and the first class disciplines into the call. Under such a background, Wuhan University Education Quality Evaluation Center of China, Shanxi University of science evaluation research center and the China science evaluation network " first APEC countries (regions) of the high level university were evaluated, and obtained a lot of important conclusions.
According to Professor Qiu Junping, director of the China Center for education quality evaluation, the evaluation is from five aspects: "teachers, teaching level, scientific research ability, the degree of internationalization, influence, to evaluate the quality and level of development of APEC University. Among them, the teachers strength is measured by the highly cited scientists number, the weight is 20%; the teaching level is measured by a number of distinguished alumni, namely "times weekly" in the past 10 years annual ranking of the world's 100 most influential people and graduates Nobel Prize and Fields Medal for number, the weight is 20%; scientific research ability by SCI / SSCI included the number and high is the introduction the number of second level indicators, weights were 10.5% and 24.5%; the degree of internationalization is measured by the number of international collaboration, the weight is 10%; influence by website click rate and enter the ESI ranking subject two secondary indicators constitute, weights were 3% and 12%. This index system emphasizes the quality, highlights the innovation, advocates the internationalization and considers the social influence, is a more comprehensive, prominent and has a certain direction of the scientific evaluation index system. The data used are mainly from of Science Essential, Science Indicator Web (ESI) and the official website such as the Nobel prize.
Through APEC countries (regions) of 781 high-level university research foundation, nearly three years of SCI / SSCI included the university more than 600 articles were evaluated. The results showed that: (a) in mainland China overall strength ranked second, 209 university to enter, second only to the United States 248; more than Japan (100) and Canada (34) and other scientific power, development is very rapid. China Taiwan (36) and Hongkong (7) also have better performance. (II) in the mainland China ranked near the former Peking University, ranked 41st, other enter APEC top 100 Mainland Colleges and universities are Tsinghua University (50), Zhejiang University (54), Shanghai Jiaotong University (60), Fudan University (71), Sun Yat sen University (85). University of Hong Kong, National Taiwan University and Chinese University Hong Kong were ranked 66, 68 and 90; there are 20 mainland universities to enter the top 200 APEC university. These 20 colleges and universities should be the focus of the construction of the world - class universities in china. (three) on the performance of university teachers, China best top three for the University of Hong Kong (52), University of Science & Technology China (62) and City University Hong Kong (69); the teaching level of Tsinghua University, the performance is very eye-catching, ranked nineteenth, National Taiwan University and the Peking University have better performance, tied for thirty-seventh place; on the scientific research ability see, Chinese university three all mainland universities, namely Peking University (31), Tsinghua University (32) and Zhejiang University (34); on the international level, Chinese North University of Beijing University was the most prominent, ranked twenty-first, followed by Zhejiang University (31) and Tsinghua University (32) on the influence of view, China University; in the first two are non Mainland University -- University of Hong Kong (43) and National Taiwan University (60), followed by Beijing University (61).
Found through the study on the evaluation of the higher education level of APEC members and their level of economic development, there are great differences: some cumulative advantage obviously, some rapid development, some slow of. In respect of the evaluation, in view of the development of colleges and universities in mainland China, we mainly bring us the following three points: (1) the whole point of view, China's rapid development of higher education in mainland China, ranking second place, second only to the United states. However, we should also see a huge gap with the United States, but also need to increase the intensity of reform, increase investment, continue to accelerate to catch up. (II) on the individual, the mainland China showed prominent universities is little, the majority of colleges and universities distance from the world first-class university is lower than the nation should focus on support into the top 200 universities impact the world first class university. (three) collaborative innovation is of great significance and should be further strengthened. Through the powerful combination of China to promote the rapid growth of some of the world's leading disciplines in the field of. The construction of world class disciplines may be different from the construction model of world class universities. The former emphasizes the cooperation and the overall promotion, the latter emphasizes the orderly competition and the individual development. We think: "there is no first-class disciplines, there is no first-class university", the two complement each other, promote each other, common development