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Xiamen University Vice-Chancellor Professor Wu Daguang come to my hospital to do an academic report

Published:2016-01-09 18:02:00   Source:   Views:4898

June 5, 2015, vice president of Xiamen University, doctoral tutor, Professor Wu Daguang invited to come to our school made a presentation entitled "Higher Education Reform: Ideals and Reality - On the stage and particularity," the academic report. Seminar was chaired by Vice President Prof. Pu Rui me.

Professor Wu's report humorous, easy to understand, he did not interpret the words with a purely academic subject matter for everyone, but listed a number of facts in our midst, informative, numerous specific examples set forth their views at home and abroad, From the "innovation", "quality" and other two themes reveal the current reform of higher education ideal and reality. In the report, Professor Wu around the "rights issue", "teaching culture", "students' employment" and other higher education propositions, analyzes the development of China's higher education stage characteristics and particularity and "experience management", "scientific management "and" value judgments management "three kinds of higher education management. On this basis, he noted that the current higher education research questions must seriously think about what the problem really is a need to study and how to do these studies. After the meeting, faculty and students, Professor Wu and I were cordial discussions and exchange.