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Li Xiaogong's speech at the graduation ceremony of the 2013 graduates of Wuhan University

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Dear students:
Hello everyone
In the early summer of the Luojiashan campus, a wild profusion of vegetation reqingshihuo. Today, in the garden playground this once to open your college life and witness your growth, for your alma mater off! First of all, on behalf of the school, I wish to express my warmest congratulations and best wishes to you! To all the members and teachers who have worked hard for your growth and development, I would like to express my highest respect and most heartfelt thanks!
There is a kind of parting, called the university graduation; there is a kind of memory, called "to the youth"". Legitimate youth of you, the life in the best times to stay in Luojia Hill, those cherry blossoms in full bloom, passion for flying days, will become the most beautiful memory in your life. Do you like to travel to Wuhan, the child, your future is worried about his alma mater. In last year's graduation ceremony, I had to your brothers and sisters: "with a positive state of mind to light the future". Today, I will give you a sentence words: dedicated chasing the dream of youth, the color of life will sometimes!
Students, you are in an era of rapid change, "everyone has the opportunity to the color of life". Go out from Wuhan university student, I have no doubt of your talent, wisdom and confidence. However, the dream only rooted in the reality of the soil to bear fruit. When the enthusiasm suffered cold, when to retreat into the trough, when faced with a choice, your youth how to bloom? How can your dreams come true? How to color your life?
Below, I want to share the three stories with my classmates.
The first story is your alumni, everyone network CEO Chen Yizhou's entrepreneurial history. 1987 admitted into Wu3 Da4 Chen Zhou, after enrolling application from the Department of physics at transferred to Department of computer learning, when he began doing in IT industry to fight the dream. Effect of 1999, he pioneered the "ChinaRen community", less than two years by Sohu mergers and acquisitions. In 2001, he braved the risk of all stock and bonus to lose because of the early termination of the contract, resigned as senior vice president of Sohu to second venture in the United States, but because of "9• 11 Event" of the U. S. stock market was forced to stop. After, he has invested in "invited to send text messages to network, founded" Qianxiang interactive ", but suffered a wireless value-added services in the winter; since 2006, he acquired" Renren "instead of" internal network ", and finally in the United States successfully listed, and was elected" man of the year 2011 Chinese entrepreneurship ".
30 years insisted that Chen Yizhou experienced change radically confidence in the future, never give up. His story tells us: in the pursuit of a dream on the road, there is a spirit called persistence, it makes people passionate, struggle more than!
Chen Zhou, a business secret is that others is sometimes rely on time consumption, no patience, insist on not down, stampeded into the, then you are likely to is to adhere to the final winner. This is tough and resolute, persevere, we the spirit of Wu adults!
Students, we insist, because it is worth; did not adhere to, the dream will only become a dream. And insist, is to realize the self never give up hope, is to the success of the opportunity of keen perception, is the external environment of accurate judgment and positive transformation, is the face of setbacks and hardships of the strong will! I hope that whatever you do in the future career, living in prosperity or adversity, to let the flame of passion and confidence combustion unbeaten, illuminate your flight! I believe, as long as you stick to your dream and never give up, sometimes the color of life!
The second story is happened recently in everyone around the "human kindness". 21:16 in June 4, 2013, Wuhan bus staged a Chinese version of the "speed of life and death". A man burst out of the disease, breathing, cardiac arrest. In this time of crisis hanging by a thread, 5 Wuhan University medical students to stand up. They do not care about those who pay attention to the ground, kneeling on the ground for the patient to implement CPR, put his hand into the patient's mouth, to pull out the secretion of respiratory secretions. According to the first aid experts say, the patient survived rate of only 5%, if a slight delay treatment timing, again good medicine powerless.
Some people say, "encountered such a thing, life is a credit, do not live to save not asking for trouble?" Perhaps out of respect for life instinct, perhaps simply too late to think, that moment, they only want to save, 5 people have not hesitated! It is their "human kindness", to avoid a repeat of Little Yue Yue tragedy ". Isn't this a good human nature shine? Isn't this a positive expression of devotion? This is not the courage to play the spirit of the show? Jiangshan five Wuhan University Medical Students with their pristine actions tell us: chasing the dream on the road, there is a character called integrity, which makes the heart like a mirror, straight road!
From the GUI Yan, Yang Changlin to Ying Chun pan, from PI Hai Huang to Huang lainv Zhao Xiaoting, Luojia Hill moral sky stars shine they guard social conscience and spread human love, awe inspiring righteousness accumulation, lead coquettish times. Stick to the right path, this is our great love, the spirit of Wuhan University!